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Embracing your Inner Beauty (Journey to mental health wellness)

Updated: Oct 8, 2023

The world is consumed with instant Beauty, we are fixed on plastic surgery’s , make-up, and fashion. We are also fascinated with social media. What we see is what we believe. We see the hour- glass figures, living happy lives, driving fancy cars, having millions of dollars, beautiful homes and traveling the world. Most of what you see is not real. They want you to think it’s real. They want you to think the internet and social media will bring you happiness. But will it? Don’t take people appearance as a reality. It’s deeper than what you see. Even when you have all these things I have mentioned are you happy? We have to be mindful on what we think will bring us happiness.

The Beauty on the outside may be appealing but we have to look deeper. It’s the the inner beauty that will bring you the happiness you desire. Large companies spend millions of dollars on marketing to sell you something that you believe you can’t live without, but in reality minimalism is true happiness.

We have to be mindful of mental health, physically health, personal friendships, what we consume visually and spiritual plays a tremendous importance on are perceptions on how we think and what we view as happiness.

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